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Introduction to Heavy Metal Capture Agent Series TMT15

1、 Heavy metal pollution

Common heavy metal pollution includes: mercury (Hg), (Pb), cadmium (Cd), manganese (Mn), chromium (Cr), copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), zinc (Zn), etc. Because heavy metals cannot be replaced in the process of industrial processing, heavy metal ions in wastewater exceed the standard. Because of their toxicity, they cannot be naturally decomposed after being discharged beyond the standard, Therefore, the content of heavy metal ions in waste water and waste gas is strictly limited by environmental protection agencies in each country

2、 Product features

Heavy metal catchers can react rapidly with various heavy metal ions (mercury, lead, copper, cadmium, nickel, manganese, zinc, chromium, etc.) in wastewater at room temperature to generate water insoluble chelates with good chemical stability, so as to capture and remove heavy metals.

1. The treatment method is simple, and heavy metal ions can be removed directly

2 Strong chelating capacity and stable sediment

3 Safe operation, non-toxic and non dangerous

4 Less and stable sludge and simple post-treatment

5 No secondary pollution, no damage to the ecology

6 Good application effect in various wastewater fields

3 、Product classification and performance index

TMT 15
SG(g/ml)20 ℃ ≥1.05
PH 9-11
ODOR Slight odor
APPREANCE Light yellow-green liquid

Selectivity: Hg2+>Ag2+>Cu2+>Pb2+>Cd2+>Zn2+>Ni2+>Co2+>Cr3+>Fe2+>Mn2+

4 、Classification and Application of Heavy Metal Capture Agents

The waste water is mainly used for the treatment of waste water from wet desulfurization of coal-fired power plants and the treatment of garbage leachate due to its high content of heavy metals and organic solutions. This product is an important water treatment agent, which is widely used in the treatment of heavy metal wastewater. It has a good treatment effect on heavy metal wastewater from power plants, electroplating plants, metallurgy and chemical industry. Some other industries such as electronics, machinery, garbage incineration stations and other units that produce heavy metal ion wastewater are also gradually expanding their demand for it.

5 、Product usage

1. First detect the content of heavy metal ions in wastewater, and then determine the best medicament through wastewater simulation dosing test

Amount added.

2. Adjust the PH value of wastewater to 7-10 for the best effect before adding chemicals.

3. Determine the total dosage of the day according to the amount of wastewater to be treated every day. Before the dosage, dilute the measured reagent in the special dosing system to a concentration of 1 - 2%, and then put it into the wastewater continuously or in batches. During treatment, the wastewater and heavy metal catcher must be fully stirred evenly for about 5 - 10 minutes, and add an appropriate amount of flocculant and coagulant aid together.

4. The stirred heavy metal sediment is generally left for 10 minutes before being separated from water, and then the heavy metal sediment is pressed

Filter press cake of the filter, filter cake containing heavy metals is treated as non leaching toxic waste, and the filtered water can be discharged up to the standard.

5. In order to achieve the best treatment effect, appropriate flocculant and coagulant aid shall be added, and flocculation shall be carried out together after full mixing


6. After flocculation and sedimentation, let it stand for 10 minutes, and then filter the sediment through the filter press, and use the filter cake containing heavy metals as

The waste without leaching toxicity is buried deeply, and the filtered water can be discharged up to the standard.

7. Before actual use, 1L-10L small test shall be carried out according to the above process. After the dosage of reagent is determined

On site reagent dosing.

Simulated dosing test

① According to the process flow chart, first take 1L (1000ml) of wastewater sample, and then take 1ml of TMT - 15

Dilute the stock solution into 1% solution. If 5ml diluent is dropped into the wastewater to make the treated wastewater reach the standard, then

The dosage of TMT - 15 raw liquid of wastewater is 50ppm (50g/t wastewater); If 8ml and 10ml are dropped into wastewater

The corresponding TMT - 15 stock solution is 80 ppm, 100 ppm, and so on.

② The coagulant aid (generally polyaluminum chloride) is diluted into 5% solution before use, and the general use amount is 100ppm (100g/t); Polyacrylamide is generally used as flocculant, which is diluted into 0.05-0.1% solution before use, and the general use amount is 5-10ppm (5-10g)/t

6 、Reference dosage

Heavy Metal TMT-15 Dosage/mg Heavy Metal TMT-15 Dosage/mg
汞 H g ² 0.8~3.35 锌 Z n ² 2.21~10.33
银Ag 0.67~3.12 镍 N i ² 2.44~11.3
铜 C u ² 2.25~10.5 铁 F e ² 2.57~12.0
铅 P b ² 0.69~3.24 锰 M n ² 2.61~12.2
镉 C d ² 0.91~4.27 锡 S n ² 1.21~5.66
铬 C r ² 4.23~9.5 砷 A s ² 1.92~8.96
铬Cr 8.3~19.3 金Au²* 0.73~3.41

The reference amount of heavy metal catcher required to remove 1mg/L heavy metal ions.

7、Packaging and preservation: The product should be stored in a cool and dry place, keep away from acidic substances and oxidants, and the warranty period is one year.

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