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Reverse osmosis scale inhibitor

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Product Description

1、 Product features

● Applicable to reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration membrane systems, which can prevent carbonate, sulfate, silicate and phosphoric acid to the maximum extent

Scaling caused by salt and other precipitation has good compatibility and dispersion ability for organic matters in water, and high COD is also suitable for water quality


● Compatible with commonly used bactericides and flocculants on the market, applicable to various reverse osmosis membranes and nanofiltration membranes on the market;

● The applicable range of PH value of raw water is 3.5-11.0, and the concentration limit of purification can exceed 4.0 times;

● It can prolong the cleaning cycle of reverse osmosis membrane, prolong the service life of membrane elements and effectively reduce the operating cost.

2、Product specification:

Item Specification Specification
  Standard grade 8 times concentrated liquid
Appearance Colorless liquid Colorless viscous liquid
Odors: Slight Slight
SG:(20centigrade) 1.00-1.15 1.4-1.5
PH value: 1% 1-3 1-3

3、 Usage

● Calculate the adding amount according to the reverse osmosis process and water quality analysis report, the adding amount of standard solution is 2-6ppm, and the maximum adding amount

15ppm; The eightfold solution is diluted as standard solution and then used. Insufficient or too high dose will lead to membrane fouling;

● Dilute with 10 times of pure water, or adjust it according to the site conditions to prevent bacteria from polluting the dosing box, and clean the dosing box regularly;

● Before adding the security filter, use the metering pump to add, and it is necessary to calibrate the solid state of the dosing pump when the on-site equipment is running

International pumping volume;

● If you encounter problems during the use of the reagent, please consult the technical service personnel. We can provide perfect technical services.

4、 Safety protection

● Please wear latex gloves and protective glasses when using. If you accidentally splash your eyes, please immediately wash them with plenty of water,

Serious need for medical treatment; Sprinkled on the cement floor will produce a small amount of bubbles, which should be washed immediately with clean water.

5、 Packaging and storage

● This product is packed in 25kg plastic drums, and other drums with different specifications can also be used according to requirements.

Stored in a cool and dark place, icing will not affect the product performance, and the validity period is 12 months.

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