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Product Description

1、requirement Overview

Sludge dewatering belt filter press machine use international industry standards and following technical specifications for the design and manufacturing. Sludge dewatering machine for sludge thickening, dewatering, reduce the moisture content of the cake, easy to transport and final disposal of sludge, in order to dilute the sludge can be processed quickly to meet the technological needs, dewatering machine equipment has been widely used. And belt filter press with a compact, small footprint, low investment, etc. dewatering room.

2、the technical parameters of equipment operation

1 Working conditions

Installation site In sludge dewatering equipment room
Ambient temperature -15℃~42℃
Medium temperature 5℃~30℃
PH of the medium 6~9
Work system 24h/d

2 Technical parameters

Name Unit Value
Qty set 1
Structure -- Concentration Dewatering integrated
Filter with effective width mm 500-5000
treatment Capacity m3/h 1-20
Sludge m3/h 0.1-5
Moisture content of before sludge concentrated % 98-99.2
Flocculant dosage g/kgMLSS 3~5
Sludge cake moisture content after dehydration % 80
Roller speed r/min 5~30
Mechanical seal design life h 15000
Maximum flushing water consumption m3/h 15
Rinse water pressure Mpa ≥0.5

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