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Roots blower is a positive displacement fan, the delivered air volume is proportional to the rotating speed. The three-blade impeller is sucked and exhausted by two impellers three times every time it rotates. Compared with the two-blade impeller, the gas pulsation is less, the angular load changes less, the mechanical strength is high, the noise is low, and the vibration is also small.

Two trilobal impellers are set on two parallel shafts. There is always a small gap between the impeller and the inner hole surface of the elliptical case and between the three impellers. Because the impellers rotate in the opposite direction and at a uniform speed, a certain amount of gas surrounded by the case and the impeller is transported from the suction side to the discharge side.

Each impeller is always kept in the correct phase by the synchronous gear, without touching each other, so it can be high-speed, without internal lubrication, and has simple structure, smooth operation, stable performance, suitable for a variety of purposes, and has been used in a wide range of fields.

Optimized lobe curve is adopted for reducing blower’s internal leakage improving blower’s efficiency and reducing running temperature

After shaft’s diameter enlarged,no deformation and collision will occur under higher load pressure as the blower’s strength is improved.

The synchronous gear adopts the straight tooth structure, and the transmission is stable.

Deep groove ball bearing of high precision and low friction factor is selected for lowering operation noise.In addition, because of larger size bearing matched for enlarged shaft diameter the bearing’s load capacity is enhanced and its service life is extended

Low noise and vibration,compact and economical energy consumption


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